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Best time ever! I know you put a ton of time and work and TLC into the day, and I wanted to pop you a note to tell you how very much
it's appreciated!  We were reflecting on how very lucky/blessed we are, to have landed in Newaygo! Please know how much I am
touched by what you share with us and the community.  ~ Martha G.

Terrie, you offer such a gift to our community. Thank you for providing an atmosphere of camaraderie for the Papes women Saturday.  
Sally felt special and everyone was comfortable cooking together. You've got a good thing going. ~ Mary P.

Thank you so much for all your efforts on Tuesday.  You made my job easy as pie that night.  We’ve received so many compliments.  
One employee’s wife is a gourmet cook and she loved the food!  “Great job” just doesn’t seem enough.   Thanks again  ~ Rhonda W.